Management and IT consultancy

Independent viewpoint.

If the management is looking for a partner for preparing their decisions who is independent of the different interest groups of the organization…
if the problem to be solved requires a perspective different from which is necessary for the daily work…
if no one undertakes to solve the problem within the organization, or on the contrary, suspiciously too many think they are competent…
if the project requires special competencies…
or if simply the necessary professional capacity is not present…

… then you need an independent consultant.

Management consulting

As an external partner, we support the management of our clients in the preparation of appropriate decisions at their level without the influence of interests that often hinder the solution. Whether you need strategic advisory,
product and service development, process reengineering, selection of various tools, software and/or suppliers, our consultants are able to help effectively.

IT consulting

The success of IT projects depends not only on the developers. We support our clients in ensuring compliance with the project objectives by development preparation, support and control activities. Our main services: business analysis, preparation of requirements specification, process and product quality assurance.

We focus on the essentials

We believe that non-everyday situations require an independent point of view. As a consultant, we are able to only focus on the actual problems of the client, without the distractions of the aspects of everyday work.

We are not afraid of challenges

As an external partner, the organizational framework does not hold us back from undertaking challenges, in fact, they are our nature. We strive for the optimal solution in every situation, even if it sometimes requires unusual actions.

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