Project management

Avoiding surprises.

Our main activity is managing complex projects. The extensive professional experience of our consultants and our approach based on it make us able to manage typically IT and/or technical related projects even in several million Euros volume.

Our company’s name reflects our point of view, our approach: we provide “end-to-end” project management services for handling the overall project horizontally and vertically because we know well that this approach protects our projects from several often under-estimated failures or risks. We believe that this represents a significant added value for our clients.

Professional dimension

We manage the overall project scope. We always focus on the goals of the total project. We hold the part-projects in one hand thus synchronizing the partial deliveries.

Organizational dimension

We manage the overall project organization. We build up a project management that coordinates the relationships with the overall project organization, with every stakeholder from the project sponsor level to the teams taking part in the execution, the workgroups, the subcontractors, the suppliers, including the necessary administration as well.

Time dimension

We manage the overall project lifecycle. From the project idea, the project opportunity, through the conception making and the selection (competing on vendor side or supporting the selection on customer side), to the execution, or more: we provide project management services supporting even the post project activities, the possible preparation of related following project(s).

Teamwork, together

We work together with the professionals of the client in strong connection, as a teamWe can succeed only together. It is not us in fact who effectuate the technical scope of the project, but the client does and/or the involved suppliers, subcontractors do with our coordination. It is a pleasure for us if we can play a role in the success of our clients.

We pay attention to details

EU funding? Public procurement? Not a problem.
Our key professionals managed projects with several million Euros of EU resources.

Why use external project management?

It is much easier to involve resources with the necessary competencies and professional experience within the given timeframe than it would relocate internal resources from their current job or hire new colleagues from the market.

A stable, dedicated connection can be established with a reliable partner. The internal staff focuses on all the tasks and responsibilities associated with his job. Consultant focuses only and exclusively on the success of the project: this is his only job.

It is easier to establish the trusted relationship necessary for the successful cooperation with a partner from outside the organization.

Why us?

We always look for the real needs of the client and respond to these. We search for the best team that suits to solve the exact need. Thus, the client receives a tailor-made solution for his specific problem or task.

We work as a team. We believe in the personal experience and the strength of helping and supportive atmosphere because we know that we can thereby create value the most effectively.

We are able to operate on both customer side and vendor side, thanks to our experienced consultants worked on both sides in the past. We consider this a serious value because during a project a significant part of conflict situations can be prevented by the understanding of the other party’s aspects.

Our clients said


Most people would have given up because of the external difficulties, but this team has provided their best performance under high pressure. They have not lost sight of the goal and they brought the situation to the maximum, which resulted in a high-quality product in a tense situation. Without them, it would not succeed.

Gábor Zsámboki
Vice Chairman, CEO, ANY Security Printing Plc


Consultancy is a trust-based business.

We are loyal to our clients.

We do not take on any request that is in conflict with our clients’ interest.

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